2010 Book Challenges

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Because I am new to the book blogging world, I do not want to jump into too many challenges and then fail, so I am choosing carefully. I will be participating in the 100-Book-Challenge and the Debut Author Challenge this year for the following reasons.
100-Book-Challenge: When I heard about the 100 book challenge, I looked at my reading log for the last two and a half years. ** Yes I keep a reading log – a college professor once suggested it as a way to see trends in your reading, and I thought it was interesting, so I’ve been keeping track since June of 2007. Actually, that reading log is one reason I started this blog, writing the titles and authors just wasn’t enough. ** Anyway . . . when I looked at my log, I saw that in 2009 I read 115 books. Since I read over 100 without entering a challenge, I wanted to try to do the same this year. In 2008 I read 68 and in the 7 months I tracked of 2007 I read 27, so I do feel like repeating the 100+ will be a challenge.
Debut Author Challenge: I am always looking for new things to read, and trying new authors sounds like a great place to start. Since I rely on the library to supply the majority of my reading habit, I am a little nervous about getting copies of these new authors’ books, so I am setting my goal at 12 debut-author books, though truly, I hope to read more than that.I figure two challenges plus keeping a new book blog should fill my already minimal “free time,” so let the reading begin!!


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