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Saturday, January 9, 2010

By definition, a dazzling distraction is “that which amuses, entertains, or diverts” while “inspiring admiration or wonder.” For me, several things fall into the category of dazzling distractions. A few of my favorite escapes are reading, coffee, my puppy, and nature.

So…why the blog? I read incessantly and have been keeping track of the books that I read for several years, but never more than titles and authors. Throughout the last year, I’ve started to read author’s blogs (mostly for book suggestions), and from those sites, I’ve come across several fantastic blogs written by readers. Those sites have opened my eyes to many new titles, and so I thought, “If I benefit from their suggestions, perhaps someone will benefit from mine!”

And here we are. I read, and thus, will mainly review Young Adult and Middle Grade literature with a few Adult titles mixed in. I read many genres, but tend to prefer fantasy, paranormal, chick lit, mysteries, thrillers, historical fiction, romance, realistic fiction, and science fiction that isn’t too out there.

I hope you enjoy, and if you have a suggestion, pass it my way!


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